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Coop Volunteering


Volunteering and Co-op for adults

Volunteer opportunities for adults with NCP are extensive. We treat each position similarly to employment in the sense that we require a resume, conduct formal interviews and match skills to current needs within the organization. Volunteer positions provide newcomers with Canadian experience and sometimes references after the 3 months contract is complete. With this newly gained Canadian work experience, new immigrants can boldly set forth on their search for employment in this counrty. This opportunity allows newcomers to showcase their abilities within our working environment. These positions are unpaid.


Volunteer and co-op opportunities for professionals in Peel reigon

Our co-op placement program allows newcomers to develop real work experience at many of our affiliated external companies. Here you will attend an 8 to 10 week full time educational class to develop an understanding of work place language, office culture and etiquette, resume writing for the Canadian employment market as well as interview skills. Upon successful completion of the course, a co-op placement is possible although not guaranteed. This placement is unpaid, however; occasionally full time employment may be gained from this opportunity.


Volunteer and coop opportunities for students in Peel reigon

Our student volunteer program allows secondary school students to obtain their compulsory hours of community service for graduation. In addition to fulfilling this requirement, students have the opportunity to gain real life experience within their community. Post secondary school students can take advantage of this opportunity for their practicum placement.

As a student volunteer, individuals gain experience in our real-life work environment, having the chance to work with and help our clients. Through this experience, students will develop:

  • A sense of responsibility
  • Gain an understanding of many diverse people and cultures
  • Develop customer service and client interaction skills
  • Contribute to their community in a tangible and direct way
  • Obtain compulsory student volunteer hours

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